Hunting Lodge And Ranch For Sale:  $700,000

This is a buy for 3 US partners.  Hunt for life for free in South Africa's Big 5 country and market lodging and hunting packages to fellow USA hunters and photo tourists.  I am the resident outfitter and PH.


The main selling point is that the very special hunting lodge by itself has intrinsically the value of the full selling price - which means that the ranch, equipment and resident wildlife are bonuses.

5 Star hunting lodge and 1,375 acres game ranch for sale: $700,000 USD


9,000 square feet under roof

including 4 chalets and 3 outside barbeque areas + two under roof verandah (stoop) barbeque areas in the main lodge



                            Sandnek Section 1 of the ranch Leerdam 443 LR.




Rear entrance to the 6 bedroom lodge takes the visitor over an indoor rock spring pool with khoi fish and into the dining room area from where steps up a natural rock ledge takes you to the top bedrooms and large cast lookout deck and barbeque area.  Views over the Big 5 plains of the Limpopo Province await the visitor.  Miles and miles of pristine big game habitat.







Waterhole viewed from the lodge barbeque top deck.  Kudu, wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, red hartebeest, mountain reedbuck, zebra, baboon, warthog, bushpig and even leopard utilise this resource.  The chalet on the right is one of three that overlook the landscape below the hill on top of which the lodge is situated.

The AG Erasmus Family Trust owns the ranch and lodge and the transaction will be dealt with via this legal entity.  The ranch has its own 3,300 ft compacted sand landing strip.


Two embedded limited liability companies form part of the total entity - namely Long Crested Eagle Country Lodge Close Corporation and Shambe Farming (Pty) Ltd.   The latter is registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) which allows it to provide accommodation and other hospitality industry services.  It is to be noted that foreign visitors to South Africa do not pay VAT.  The deal includes both these limited liability entities.


There are no legal attachments or land restitution claims against the property or any of the embedded entities.  It is important to note that there exist no land claims by any tribal groups on this or surrounding properties.  This is an important fact to note because there are lands in the country that have been formally claimed by tribal groups.  By law these claims had to be lodged at the High Court within the jusisdiction of which such land resides before the end of 2004.  It may be noted that none of even those claims have been successful in court.


The lodge is sold fully furnished as presently accommodated and it is appointed with the highest quality furniture, facilities and equipment.


Included in the deal is a used but serviceable Izusu ¾ ton truck and a Massey Ferguson 165 tractor with two trailers and all other required ranching equipment.


The ranch is 1,375 acres in size and completely fenced with regulation wildlife fencing as required by law. There are two separate fenced- in areas presently dedicated to Cape buffalo and sable natural breeding, each consisting of 150 acres.  This is part of the South African macro wildife management system whereby varied genetic material are accommodated in various parts of the country and then at wildlife auctions ranchers either buy new live genetics or swop out different species and by that ensure that there never exists inbreeding and its associated problems anywhere in the country.  These two fenced areas are protected by 6 ft. high electic fences in order to discourage the high numbers of leopard in the area to go after particularly vulnerable sable calves. Both these areas have a constant water supply.  All the above, including the slaughtering and refrigerator room facilities enable the ranch to have hunting throughout the year without seasonal constraints.  It is totally unencumbered by any regulations of what species may be hunted and when.  This special permit will be transferred to the new owner.


The lodge has a licence for alcohol sales which gives it full restaurant and bar status.


Furthermore the ranch also has been allowed a licence to keep the large predators like lion and hyena, but which is not being done presently - however this license is a valuable asset with positive financial implications.   In this same vein the ranch has a so-called “WR Permit” which allows it to keep and hunt Cape buffalo.  This means that the buffalo on the ranch had previously been darted and blood drawn from each animal for genetic and viral testing and declared clear of any endemic illness such as hoof and mouth disease and are totally safe for human consumption.  Cape buffalo in the eastern low lying parts of South Africa are prone to hoof and mouth disease and the meat of hunted animals is not cleared for human consumption.  For the owner of this ranch the meat has a commercial value on top of the trophy value of the animal.


Three boreholes on the ranch have ample water for whatever demands may be placed for this resource.

Another borehole exists which is ready to be fitted with a solar pumping system to quietly supply drinking water to wildlife at discreet water holes. 


There is a 3,300 ft landing strip for light aircraft on the ranch which is almost in daily use during normal times.


Due to a three year drought a large number of  game had to be culled last year in order to save the habitat from overgrazing - which is one aspect of wildlife management that landowners fear as much as wild fires, and more than droughts.  Habitat preservation is at the heart of the South African wildlife success story.


A recent airborne game count showed that the following game presently exist after the intensive culling:


Impala                                       30                                 Duikers:             A very reticent little antelope but regularly seen.

Kudu                                          14                                 Klipspringers:   Very regularly seen.

Zebra                                         20                                 Steenbok:          Regularly seen.

Blue wildebeest                       17                                 Warthog:            Regularly seen.

Waterbuck                                20                                 Bushpig:             Regularly seen.

Giraffe                                        4                                  Bushbuck:          Reticent but often seen.

Mountain reedbuck                10                                  

Cape buffalo                            10

Sable                                         18 

Leopard:  A very reticent predator but sign is all over all the time, and they are even seen at times in broad daylight.  Leopards are not a threat to human adults but is an accepted predator that keeps the number of lesser predators like jackal and caracal down.  Probably need to hunt one of them every second year to prevent overpopulation relative to the ungulate food source.                             


Present running costs per month during lockdown after most staff were retrenched:


Electricity supply                                        $450

Insurance                                                     $280



Temporary manager/ overseer:              $500

Farm hand                                                  $350

Cleaner lady:                                              $350

Diesel                                                          $200

Maintenance                                              $300

Revenue during normal tourist seasons:

For the interested buyer this can be retrieved from the booking agency - but it can be stated here that the costs, with the extended full compliment of staff that is required during full tourist capacity is comfortably covered by the normal domestic and foreign tourist visitors.


Formal Values:

Land evaluation:  @ $3,500/acre:              $275,000

Lodge and other buildings:                        $531,000  (It must be noted here that this is calculated from the industry standard of so many $ per square foot of surface area, and based on unfurnished appointment.  This building was substantially over-engineered and constructed, as well as provided with the highest quality of equipment and furniture.  The intrinsic value is considerably higher than the sq.ft. evaluation).

Value of the lion keeping permit:              $2,000

Cape buffalo permit including value of the electric fence enclosure:   $3,000


Wild Game at cost for foreign hunting / live sales:

Cape Buffalo: 2x  RW+ bulls each at $112,000:     $24,000

8 herd buffalo at average $4,000:                           $32,000


Sable:  2 RW+ bulls at $4,000 each:                         $8,000

18 sable at average $1,000 each:                            $18,000

30 Impala at  $450 each:                                           $4,500

20 zebra at $600 each                                               $12,000

20 Waterbuck  at :   $1,000                                       $20,000

10 Mountain reedbuck at $800 each:                     $8,000

4 Giraffe @ $3000 each:                                           $12.000 


Game sub total value:                                            $140,500


Total book value:                                                     $951,500

Website note:


The above are the raw standard book figures that do not reflect the intrinsic value for the  foreign owner to own his own hunting property and 5-star guest lodge in what must be Africa's prime hunting and big game area.   It is a safe and malaria free area and the lodge is massive - but at the same time beautiful and pleasing - its foundations forever built on solid rock.

           Some field photos:

Lodge rear entrance.jpg
Waterhole visible from the lodge.jpg
One of three chalets with long
Left wing of the lodge.jpg
Main view of the lodge.jpg

Above photo shows the front end of the lodge in mid-winter. Being close to the tropic of Capricorn there is still a lot of green.

Left  is the left wing of the lodge showing two of the four ground level bedrooms.

Fantastic genes.png
You have to see him first.JPG
You have to keep an eye on him.JPG

Views from the lodge:  Big Game country as far as the eye can see - including Cape buffalo, many, many leopard and some lion. 80 miles away from elephant habitat.

Need more information on electricity supply and back-up / internet and cellphone connection / water supply and firefighting facilities / ranch security / the unfinished 10 inch by 3 meter stargazing telescope  site / details about lodge facilities relevant to the hospitality industry / ranch management plan  and required   short and medium term actions /   property taxes  - or any other detail?
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