May 27, 2018

Impressive Smack Down of a Cape Buffalo

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Edited: Aug 25, 2018

Client Michael shot his very old, very large Cape buffalo from 55 yards with the .458 Lott.


The 480 gr Peregrine VRG-2 mono-copper bullet went in one shoulder, broke through a rib, took the main arteries off the heart top and exploded the top and bottom chambers on one side, broke though an opposite rib and just missed the opposite humerus, made a calibre size hole through the skin and was gone.


The old bull went down in his tracks like a bag of potatoes as if he was brain shot - the first time I have witnessed a heart shot Cape buffalo do that. Impeccable shot placement and outstanding behaviour by the Peregrine flat nose solid.


Photos will follow.

Aug 21, 2018Edited: Aug 25, 2018

Here are the photo's of Michael's Cape buffalo.

Where we tracked the group of four old buffalo "daggha boys" - minutes before Michael killed the one in the photo below.



Michael and Andries with Michael's very nice bull.



The heart burst open from inside



Having taken the Toyota Landcruiser up a rocky track at sunset of the last day Michael and friends - each with personal preference for refreshment - toast a successful hunting trip.

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  • dcrimy
    Feb 15, 2018

    The bullet on the left is what is left of a Nosler 6.5 125gr Partition. It weights 83grs after almost passing thru a mature muley buck & has expanded to about 33cal. . It struck no bone & was recovered under the hide on the opposite side. The deer went down so you would have to say the bullet worked. The buck was about 80yds away & the bullet was launched from a 260 Rem @ 2950 FPS. The bullet to the right is a Barnes 120gr TSX recovered from the dirt back stop behind my 100yd. target. It was fired from a 6.5-06 at 3235FPS. It expanded to 50cal & still weights 120gr. Years ago I relied a lot on the partition but due to what I see as a superior design I now only use the homogeneous copper bullets like the Barnes TSX & TTSX on elk. I have used the Barnes for years now on heavy game like elk with complete success & have yet to recover a bullet , so I can't display a recovered one. Like wise when the Barnes 6.5 TTSX100gr is used on mature deer it dependably passes completely thru. They perform like a bullet considerably heavier because they tend to retain 100% of their weight. For me this is confidence. Another point is that if a meaty part is inadvertently struck a C&C bullet like the Nosler & others can destroy large amounts of edible meat. The homogeneous copper bullets tend to keep meat destruction to a minim if struck. Since my main reason for hunting is the food source I very muck appreciate the copper bullets.
  • dcrimy
    Dec 12, 2017

    Here is a picture of a Barnes 6.5 120gr TSX I recovered from the dirt bank behind my 100yd target. It is about 1/2" across & still weighs 120 gr on my scale. It was launched from my 6.5-06 at 3235fps which means it struck the dirt bank at about 2970fps. This is a very desirable mushroom shape with the 4 petals being very evident. None broke off. Perhaps bullets striking game will not be as perfect a mushroom . Striking dirt is brutal to a bullet..
  • Andries
    Feb 15, 2018

    " Grand Slam ", " Game King ", " Supreme ", " Fail Safe " - you name them and they break up on big game. My latest experience is with Winchester Supreme " Ballistic Silver Tip " and " Fail Safe " bullets. Like Nosler Partitions the "Fail Safe" breaks up in two to three pieces, some which go right through but the amount of meat damage is unacceptably gross on the opposite inside of the animal due to tumbling and the bullet's innards flying about. The " Ballistic Silvertip " bullets behave identical to Nosler Ballistic tips - complete break up at the moment of entry with slivers of lead and copper deposited in the meat and huge exit holes on the light weight blesbok by the tumbling rear end. On big game at 30-06 impact velocity these bullets most probably will fail against the first resistance of shoulder and rib. Like the Nosler Ballistic Tip it is only good for brain shots. On a young black wildebeest the 165gr Winchester "Fail Safe" broke up on the scapula and first rib and made two separate holes, each the size of a golf ball on the exit side. Most of the opposite scapula had to be thrown away. Clearly both pieces of the bullet had tumbled after break up. Inside the meat was a mess caused by smaller diverse pieces. On a big blue wildebeest the exit damage caused by a number of "Fail Safe" bullets passing through the opposite side of the animal was a disappointing sight when the meat was processed. Because I am unfamiliar with the design I shall section a Winchester Fail Safe bullet and post photos here. Winchester "Ballistic Silvertip" bullets were used on blesbok for body shots. Meat damage was severe - exactly the same as my experience is with Nosler Ballistic Tips , Speer Grand Slam and Sierra Game King at 30-06 and .308W impact velocities.

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