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I live out in the woods of middle Bama , range used to be off the back porch till the wife and dawgs complained .. I'll not pay to shoot unless I have to .. I have one range at a WMA forty five minutes away and another on Federal land about the same distance in the opposite direction .. They are both remote , and for some reason the one on the WMA attracts all the Rambo types , set up targets at twenty feet with the AR's and blast away a few hundred rounds in their battle gear , thinking they have really done something ... All they do is annoy others and leave a pile of brass on the ground .. At least they could leave some brass that I reload .. Now I have no issue with the black rifles , I want a 458 Socom truth be known .. Just the mentality of it all .. Crazy ramblins of the old guy ..

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OMG... Makes me think of the BLM (un)managed range by Grand Junction Colorado. Whenever I go there I don my dayglo yellow jacket that says "Range Officer"(!) and I simply enforce good range manners - and invariably with the bang-bang-bang kids. With them it is not so much a problem od bad manners but of crazy unsafe behaviour - which also is bad manners.


Out here if you leave just one empty case at your shooting bench your next door neighbour shooter will pick it up and hand it to you... There will never be any rubbish around. Most official ranges have 50, 100, 200 and 300 metres ten-target shooting lanes and are privately owned and user cleaned.

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    Jan 15, 2018

    The range that I prefer is free to the public and is on BLM land. The same agency also built it. With a very long roof with numerous stations. Not attended so all users are on the "consideration" plan. Considerate of all there and when there is a lull in the shooting, the call goes up that it is ok to check targets, when done "the range is hot" is heard. I refuse to pay to shoot. If no public ranges were available, then it's simply a short trip out into the boonies to punch paper or whatever. Or just to walk around killing rocks, tree limbs, etc.

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