Oct 3, 2017

Las Vegas Terror

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Edited: Oct 4, 2017

Is it only an act of terrorism when some policeman says so?

Of course not. Terrorists in the USA are not only members of ISIS. The real surreptitious terrorist enemy is right under the noses of conservative Americans who, when viewed objectively, do not see the wood for the trees.


The immediate politicising of this terror attack is the indicator where sympathies lie (or the lack of sympathy). Every newsperson, every politician who displays any sympathy other than condemnation for this terrorist and his ilk must be investigated as potential sympathisers to his cause. They must be charged and jailed if found guilty. Only thing is there is not enough jail estate available in the USA to house the numbers of internal terrorist sympathisers. America's most dangerous terrorists are not members of ISIS.


The legal executive of CBS, Haley Geffman-Gold expressed it clearly that she (and by implication her news group) has no sympathy for the victims as "they were probably all Republicans". This is a direct and voluntary testimony of associating with the causes and motives of the terrorist who did the shooting.


How did this terrorist get twenty two rifles and two rifle tripods into his hotel room!!?!! How long does it take to shoot 500 people and NO reaction by the LEOs around?!! My God, what is wrong?


It is obvious what is wrong: The same thing that is wrong all over - and notably so in the US military: Complacency, and career building based on political pandering and "politically correct" brown-nosing to America's enemies within. There is a nationwide distinct lack of awareness and acceptance of the obvious fact that something is wrong:


The USAF: The F22 Raptor that kills pilots by contamination of its liquid oxygen system. The F22s are not not operational after what, 20 years in service? Pilots were and are punished for reporting this. The ten years old F35s are not operational due to contaminated liquid oxygen killing their pilots. Has anyone followed the audits of the ICBMs under USAF control? Do so.


The US Navy: steering two battleships into civilian traffic - causing the deaths of scores of seamen and taking these two important assets out of service? Suddenly the Navy's F18s are killing their pilots due to their liquid oxygen systems being contaminated. The F18s are not operational.


The US Army: OMG... Honouring a deserter who collaborated with the enemy and caused the death of 11 of his previous comrades. Insisting to appoint women in combat positions while every military knows women are a major a liability in combat. An army which is insisting to invite homo-sexuals into combat positions, building a core of combat incapable girls of both sexes. But this may be an asset as liberal women in the US daily display that they possess bigger ba**ls than their men. Then: commissioning a proclaimed communist and reaffirmed hater of America as an Army officer at Westpoint? At WESTPOINT?!!! An army officer candidate who loudly proclaims his hate for America get promoted?


Mop head Kim Jong Un is no fool but a shrewd tactician. He is not only smiling - he is laughing. And Putin must be sniggering when he reviews the men in his army and the quality of his jet fighters. The time has come for a big internal shake-up, President Trump.


Oct 7, 2017Edited: Oct 9, 2017

More on the enemy inside:


Suddenly the non mainstream media reports on the Goshawk T-45 trainer jet in which yet again two pilots died. It has come to light that more than 100 instructor pilots have already some time ago refused to fly it anymore - and guess why? Because of contaminated oxygen.


The clever, analytical men higher up have made an amazing analytical decision to fix the problem: The operating altitude of the aircraft has been restricted to a pressurised cockpit altitude of below 10,000 ft - which means the auto-supply of oxygen is not triggered. The human being only needs added oxygen at altitudes above 10,000 ft, so simply breathing the environmental air below 10,000 ft. is good enough.


The fact that this does not address the root of the problem seems to be lost on the risk managers in military aviation, as does the severe degrading of operational training.


Oh, the clever risk analysts have gone one step further: they installed a warning system into the cockpit which warns the pilots when there already is a high level of hazardous substances in the cockpit air. That is as clever as BLM putting up banners with emergency phone numbers in the gorge below a cliff above from where hikers fall off all the time because the trail goes right to the hidden cliff edge.


Must the pilot open the canopy at Mach .80 to wash out the reported dirty air? No - he must fly back to base and breathe the stuff in for another half an hour and try to land a fast jet while intoxicated.


As a US taxpayer and ex combat pilot these things worry me - as much as expensive but useless big game hunting bullets do that shed 60% of their structure and mass right at impact.

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