Jun 25, 2017

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Part of my love for Colorado, Utah and Wyoming is the all-over tangible evidence of history I had read about since I was a kid . Other stories like that of Tom Horn was first told to me by the ranch owner where the canyon cave is where outlaw sheriff Horn was eventually found on one of his cattle rustling excursions and one of his pardners got shot. It is the area of the Meeker Massacre, Steele's Fort in Wyoming and Louis Lamour's San Juans where forum member Dom lives, Glenwood Springs of gun-slinger dentist John Henry Holliday, and just west and north are the tracks of Butch Cassidy and Sundance, and others.


The Category Photo is from the museum in Craig where I spend so much time that I almost know every exhibit by heart and can guide a tour group through it - and in time I shall.


As much as my roots are in Africa my "extended family" and attachment to a new homeland is in Colorado - the sagebrush, and the snow, and the mulies - and a bull elk thundering down a canyon slope coming to my cow call - and the guys and girls with their guns at the Cowboy Action Shoot, and the impeccable character of a Wyoming cowboy after my first attendance on invitation at an inter State competition: I had no guns so he lent me his - and with luck on my side I beat him with his own guns. So this man amongst men proclaims at the prize giving: "Heck, now I know my guns are good - I need not replace anything!"

Jun 29, 2017Edited: Jul 1, 2017

Some of the best I have visited are the Museum in Craig, Co, the Wyoming State Museum in Cheyenne, and the San Juan County Historical society museum in Silverton, CO. If in Grand Junction, save your $7, that museum is not worth it.

The Craig museum has a very nice firearm collection, in addition to the history of NW Colorado. In fact, Cassidy etal frequented the area....Horn was around too.

Silverton is mostly about the mining history of that county which is extensive.



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