May 22, 2017

Sharing A Water Resource in Wild Nature


Edited: May 22, 2017

I simply had to copy and paste this from my son's post in the blog:


"From there we walked to find water, only to find it occupied by a big elephant bull. We sat on the banks watching him with the wind blowing our scent directly toward him. He was not bothered and after about 20 minutes he calmly walked past us, not 12 yards from where we were sitting. Unbelievable experience."


"Going to collect water [the next] day showed very clear evidence that a male leopard visited the water hole during the night as well":


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  • dcrimy
    Aug 13, 2017

    In In this photo you see a 4x4 muley buck in the upper left I spotted three days ago while scouting. You will note extremely high antlers while with is well under size. Not very visible is a traditional 3x3 buck with a solid 26"+ spread laying under a tree to the lower right. Both bucks are about the same body weight. If you were hunting & came upon this duo which would you select? I believe I would go for the traditional 3x3. Hmm.
  • Andries
    Jun 10, 2017

    Maybe just titles, so let the images invoke their own musings. Companionship A Rowland Ward for sure The best sable I have seen anywhere - another high Rowland Ward This one stalked me from bush to bush. I only had my Nikon 5100 camera and had to slowly back to a boundary fence and crawl underneath, watching him. When he focuses with one eye on you he has something on his mind Two nyala bulls The Escarpment above Big 5 country The colour of camo - kudu cow Impala First sunlight See the five guineafowl? Tentacles Wild fig trees Spear fishing Paddling ?? The colour of camo On tip toes

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