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Updated: Jan 11

Share your considered views or likes. This website and blog has an ethos that does not allow individual moderators and commentators to be typified by the following demonstrated characterisations:

“He speaks the kindest words and locks such things, vows with such passion, swears with so much grace that it is heaven to be deluded by him”.

Nathaniel Lee, 1680

To descend to the censure of a better word or jest, dropped from a poet's pen”.

Phillip Massinger, 1620

“A desert may make a sergeant to a colonel - but it [also] may hinder him from rising higher”.

Philip Massinger, 1620

Facts need not the foil of rhetoric [around it]”.

John Mill, 1850

And what so tedious as a twice told tale!”.

Alexander Pope, 1620

And some Roman wisdom which positively sets our site apart:

Thomas Kemples:De fumo disceptare” (To dispute about smoke) is NOT part of our ethos.

Cicero:Te hominem esse memento” (Remember that you are a man), indeed IS part of out ethos.

St. Ambrose:Te Deum laudimus” (We praise thee, Oh God) is a silent part of our ethos of macro Nature Conservation.

Much falsified opinions (with whatever agenda) are expressed about this part of Africa south of the Zambesi by posters on other forums - who likely will never have what it takes to hunt here. Many would-be hunters fall for this false narrative and some even parrot it.

Terence put it succinctly: “Tu, si hic sis, aliter sentias(If you were here, you would think otherwise!). That is why the grand bulk of the $160 million annually spent in South Africa is by informed, returning happy hunters.

Talking about Roman wisdom: this light-hearted look may bring us some mirth - if not value..

Of course, in the arena the Africa predators had their own ethos and standards of what they considered a fair chase hunt and what not...

... and indeed there were the humanists-greenies who had mixed feelings about their instinctive emotions of man vs. beast!

"Veteran Affairs" have been a part of soldiering countries for very long.

Advanced soft-soaping of a potential whistleblower was a standard practice in the quiet hallways of the lower chamber, out of earshot of the Senate. About this Horatio had to say:

Delere licibit Quod non edidiris; nescit vox missa reverti” (It will be allowed to blot written words which you do not [publicly] publish; but the spoken word is not possible to recall).

All the above is a fun way to say: come and experience fun-Africa, well-worded by Virgil:

Terra antiqua, potens armis atque ubere glebæa" (An ancient land, powerful in its arms and the richness of its soil).

But you do not need a powerful firearm - and you do not need to hunt this:

(By the way PH Riaan did not shoot her, though no-one would have faulted him had he put her down at 15 metres. That wound up spring of a trunk is to be flung out and knock you unconscious - this was no mock display. Still he allowed her to come, and at six metres she stopped in a cloud of dust, trying to stare him down. He did not move an inch, and after a long time she turned and walked away, trumpeting in anger.

There are other game to hunt - more beautiful than the dangerous ones - and these will be the triggers to your memories. The memories are your real Africa trophies.

The hunting is as easy as the folks are that the hunter will deal with.

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