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(DG Rifles Part 3): The Musgraves

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

While the images here are mostly of upper level walnut stocked rifles, the .375 H&H / .416 Rigby are also available in field grade Turkish walnut - which is still beautiful, by the way. The .458 Lott / .500 Jeffery are only available in Field de Lux and Exhibition grade walnut. All the present models are based on the very strong CZ BRNO Vz. 24 action with some Musgrave patented modifications like the quarter throw safety and bolt face adjustments.

Initially the RSA actions were designed by Musgrave, loosely based on the FN Mauser and milled from South African steel. Then there was a phase of using Mauser K98 actions with some modifications to the safety and the trigger group and for the past few years the BRNO Vz. 24 action has been modified to fit into the basic Musgrave design.

The original Musgrave RSA action above and below:

The Musgrave single shot action. The main hold down screw was removed from the recoil lug and joined the two other screws to pull the flat receiver hard and flat down onto the stock. The top of the loading gate was left intact (closed) with a just large enough port to insert the single cartridge. The total rigidity of the receiver is immense. It is a very strong, very accurate action.

The receiver in the photo has a full length scope mounting bar over the enclosed top radius of the receiver and is used for long distance brain shots on wildebeest, blesbok and springbok using a .308W cartridge and 165 gr bullets.

BRNO Vz. 24 Action

This is an exhibition level .416 Rigby built on the Vz.24 action. Note the patented rear stock angle to maintain the muzzle on or near the target after the shot in case an immediate follow up shot is needed.

An entry level Field Grade .300 Winchester Magnum with Turkish Walnut and no iron sights. The barreled action is exactly the same as the Exhibition Grade. Every single rifle is proof shot by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) at 125% of the maximum pressure for the cartridge, carefully measured for any deformation, and a certificate of conformation is issued for each rifle and transferred to the buyer.

Every rifle is hand inletted by experts with many years experience.

Similarly every stock is hand checkered, from the exhibition model to the field model.

There is no plastic on any Musgrave rifle.

After assembly every rifle is fired a three shot group at 100 meter and the proof target is attached with the rifle. It will be rare to see a larger than 1/2 MOA group for any off the shelf rifle.

My 50 year old Musgrave Model Vrystaat .308W with the RSA action and 26" barrel. Note the Musgrave patented 45 degree safety and the Mauser type but smaller bolt release. This rifle may have been out of its stock twice in its life for inspection and is still a better than 1/2 MOA shooter.

.500 Jeffery and .375 H&H Musgraves built on the BRNO Vz. 24 action and sporting Field de Lux Turkish walnut stocks.

Barrels before the button rifling, profiling, and cryogenic stress relief processes.

Profiled barrels.

Off the shelf 7x64 Brenneke 5 shot group.

Musgrave Sporter in .375 H&H

.375 H&H and impressive kudu. Looks like a 54"-55" horn set, so well into Rowland Ward. The honey colour is outstanding. As is often the case with kudu - those with very big horns have smaller bodies.

Special custom built .500 Jefferey and old buffalo bull.

Musgrave .416 Rigby did the job.

Big eland brain shot with a Musgrave 30-06.

My sons' Musgraves: .308W (bottom) and 30-06 (top)

The new Musgrave AR 15s

Price list in ZAR for the various models and chamberings and and grades

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

Present exchange rate is about R16 to the USD.

BTW, I have no relationship with the Musgrave group.

The original BRNO Vz.24 of the Chechoslovakian Army

Finally: an Africa classic DG hunter - as much as the famed .375 H&H: a Musgrave in 9,3x62 - the choice for the one-rifle big game hunter who may go after Cape buffalo or lion or elephant as well.

(all photos are from the Musgrave website and links)

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