Good Investment Opportunity In A Game Ranch & 5-Star Hunting Lodge

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hunt for free for life and market this hunting destination in the USA (see the home page) Being the resident outfitter and professional hunter I know this ranch and this general area very well. The main commercial centre is the town of Lephalale (previously called Ellisras, some 40 miles to the north of the ranch). This town is totally focused to support the hunting industry and is situated in the centre of miles and miles and miles of big game country - in fact as far as the eyes can see from any vantage point - like the hill on with the main lodge is built. Kudu, wildebeest, sable, oryx, roan, Cape buffalo, red hartebeest, tsessebe, nyala, waterbuck, impala, mountain reedbuck, warthog, bushpig, leopard, baboon and the small antelope like duiker, steenbok, klipspringer and a few more of the "Tiny Ten" - which South Africans do not really hunt (why, if there are so many of the medium (deer size) and big game (elk size...). The Limpopo river which is the border with Botswana is two hours driving away to the north west, and the confluence of the Limpopo and Shasi rivers (Zimbabwe border) is three hours driving north of the ranch. Elephant are regularly seen along the banks of the Limpopo. The ranch is 1,375 acres in size and excellent for walk and stalk hunting - in fact it is the only way I hunt and guide. Regarding surface under roof and amenities, built engineering and architecture, appointment and facilities - the main lodge and individual chalets are already worth the full price of the whole ranch, which means that the land and the resident wildlife (Cape buffalo, wildebeest, sable, nyala, kudu, zebra, impala, warthog, bushpig, mountain reedbuck, baboon, leopard, vervet monkeys, and many species of ground and tree-dwelling birds) is an added bonus.

Rear entrance


One of three chalets with long views

Miles and miles of big game country viewed from the lodge and chalets

When he looks at you with one eye he is measuring you - and the distance to you... Note the green ear tag: it says this animal had been darted before and blood drawn for testing for any parasites or disease. It is part of a nationwide programme to keep genetic-impairing diseases away from wild game animals. It also is an indication that this particular bull is in his prime breeding age and may not be hunted in order to allow him to spread his good genes.

This was when I saw him first - he had already been hiding behind the brush, checking me out. As I moved on he stepped into the clear with that stance in the previous photo, which says: "If you slowly retreat all will be okay."

A very good sable bull. Females also have horns and seem to be not afraid of anything.

A young bull with still a soft horn boss

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