2020 Species List And Individual Prices For Hunting

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

What follows is a list of typical prices for the animals we hunt and have concessions for.

Blesbok $ 450 Kudu  48"-52"              $2,000

Blue wildebeest $1,200 Kudu 53"-60" $2,850

Black wildebeest $1,250 Red lechwe $3,250

Bushbuck $1,650 Mountain reedbuck $1,350

Eland $2,350 Nyala $2,000

Gemsbok $1,650 Red hartebeest $1,250

Giraffe $2,900 Springbok $ 450

Impala $ 450 Warthog: $ 450

Sable 37"-40" $2,800 Waterbuck $2,150

Springbok Black $1,200 Zebra – Burchells $1,650

These are not special offers but are the average sale prices for visiting hunters who by law need to be accompanied by a professional hunter at all times. It is not always possible to combine some of the species into a single package due to the large geographical diversity of habitats in South Africa, and the species supported by each.

Kudu, blue wildebeest, impala, sable, giraffe, warthog, red hartebeest, zebra typically occur in the same area. Blesbok, springbok, black wildebeest, gemsbok (oryx), red hartebeest also occur together.

Where Cape buffalo can be hunted in the northern provinces there will always be kudu, sable, nyala, impala, blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, bushbuck, zebra and giraffe.

If Cape buffalo is hunted in the Eastern Cape Province there will be kudu, black wildebeest, springbok, bontebok, Burchells as well as Cape (mountain) zebra, bushbuck.

Lion are hunted on the huge properties in the Kalahari, elephant and leopard in Zimbabwe.

There indeed are "special offers" at short notice, like the first one mentioned below. Then there are cheap hunts because we have a market for the meat and that is where our profts come from. These are aimed at the USA hunter who has time on his hands but a small budget. This typically is non-trophy size animals, often old females that we buy from the landowner at wholesale meat price per kg, and we guide you to hunt them - and very often there will be Rowland Ward size horns.

This is hard work, glassing and finding animals that meet the hunting criteria, stalking them - and passing up on quite a number. Very often you will be allowed to shoot maybe twice the number of game than what you paid for - this is just a discussion between the landowner and the PH. Skins and skulls you shoot are yours for whatever kind of taxidermy you may plan. If you want to do a lot of shooting over a week or more this is for you. That rifle which you shoot best at 200 yrds, no matter the calibre (6.5mm and above) is the one to bring.

Immediate special offers - to be hunted early April 2020, or at least booked and paid for by January 31st and hunted when it is suitable, but before the end of July 2020. See typical photos of representative buffalo below:

$13,000: Rowland Ward Cape buffalo + 1x bontebok + 1x springbok, Eastern Cape Province.

A touching 42", just short of Rowland Ward Cape buffalo, still a breeding bull, about 5 years old which we normally do not shoot. SCI scoring will be high with this animal but I do not hunt SCI figures as it causes too young bulls in the prime of their breeding to be killed. Let him spread the good genes for 5 more years.

$13,000: 37"-39" Cape buffalo + 1x kudu bull + 1x Red hartebeest bull, North West Province.

Typical 38" spread, hard boss, mean young bull.

When he looks at you sideways he is measuring the distance - and who knows, maybe measuring you too. This one hunted me, and not the other way round.

Link to 2020 Hunting pages about all hunting in South Africa

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