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On the 7x57, the 9.3x62 and the .375 H&H

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

David Gregory from "The Kingfisher" wrote me a most interesting letter which I am repeating here:

Good morning Andries,

I came across your website whilst doing some Googling and I have to say it’s been a thoroughly interesting read! Firstly on shot placement, I was taught to come up the back of the front leg on a broadside animal to the elbow bulge to hit the heart. Interesting to see your placement being more the middle of the front leg.

I’ve also enjoyed the 375 Ruger series and preparing it for Africa, hopefully it ends well.

7x57 Musgrave

I currently have a 7x57 Musgrave K98 Light built in the early 90s in the original factory and it’s a beauty. I love the calibre and wanted to ask for your thoughts on bullets to use. I have just started reloading and used to use Federal Powershok 175gr or PMP Pro-Am 170gr as this was what my gun shop had.

I am thinking of a bonded or monolithic bullet to give me the biggest margin of error on larger animals (zebra, blue wildebeest, gemsbok and eland) as I’m not sure how the previous 2 bullet would perform particularly if thicker bone is hit. I also want to ensure sufficient penetration on these bigger animals out to a max of 300m – most of hunting is under 200m but I want to know I have the right bullet if I need to.

On the monolithic bullets, I’m looking at the 140gr to 150gr to give me sufficient speed to be able to open up at the extended range as most seem to have a requirement of 1,600 to 1,800 f.p.s.

On the bonded side I’m looking at the Interbond 154gr (Biggest they make it seems) or Accubond 160gr or Partition 160gr.

To be honest I’m running in circles a little trying to make up my mind and would like to ask what you use in your 7x57?

9.3x62mm / .375H&H

I am thinking of a larger calibre to give me more margin for error on bigger animals and looking at these 2 calibres. I like the 9.3mm for its size, slightly cheaper running costs and recoil (I haven’t had the chance to shoot a .375) but if I ever get the opportunity to hunt a buff, I don’t want to be caught short legally. Similar parameters to my 7x57 is that I would like to know that I am able to reach out to 300m with sufficient penetration on the larger animals.

I see you have had extensive experience with both and wanted your thoughts?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again for a superb website, with a ton of useful articles.


David Gregory

The Kingfisher

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