Preparing a Browning Composite Stalker .308W For South Africa

Member fnhunter13 has plans for taking part in "meat hunt" with us in South Africa and has decided on a new .308W to do the job. This is 20 animals to be hunted in 7-8 days, and we prefer brain shots. Shooting distances are very rarely under 200 meter but may vary between 180 and 220. We try not to do brain shots beyond 200 m as the possibility of missing the brain and putting the bullet through the sinuses exist. That will need hours to find the animal and identify the nose bleed and then do a proper shot.

Here is the brand new Browning - still with the factory stickers attached

Surely a good looking rifle. I particularly like the rounded-off edges of the butt pad. This will prevent grabbing the hunter's clothes and therefore having the rifle in a different position in the shoulder every time. For this job the shooter needs to have everything repeated every time to ensure proper bullet placement.

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