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Experiencing Moments In Nature By Being At The Right Place At The Right Time - and being patient

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

These wonderful moments in time were shared with us by Londolozi Private Game Reserve. Which one is your favourite?

Even the little ones are good looking: a giant plated lizard looks back at the camera telephoto lens. They grow to 8" - 10" inches in length and are shy and very rarely seen.

Good aiming. An elephant cow blows mud onto her back.

Always look for detail when you drive or hike - apart from the obvious indication that an elephant had at one time tried to push this big Weeping Schotia brachypetala tree over. The "weeping" is that it drips copious amounts of moisture from its flowers when in bloom - to the extent that the area under the foilage remains wet.

A careless Egyptian goose pays the price

Life is good - a very contented little lion cub warming its belly on the dry sand of the Sand River. If it is a male, in later life the eye of a long lens looking him in the eye will annoy him a great deal. Eye contact is a direct challenge.

A study in character.

"A leopard can't change its spots" just as much as we can not change our fingerprints. The saying refers to the top line of little spots on its upper lip. The number and geometric arrangement of these of spots on right and left lips is its identification tag. This one has 3 spots in a line on the right lip. The left side will complete the I.D. and no other leopard of the same sex will have that.

While elephants love the marula fruit, leopards love marula tree branches.

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