South Africa Scenes: South Of the Tropic Of Capricorn About 200 miles South Of The Northern Border

Updated: Mar 20

Londolozi shared some photos with me taken by USA photo safari tourists, but first look at this video in the link.

The rangers had a load full of tourists on their Landrover and cruised around at sunset, saw some painted wolves (Africa wild dog) playing in the river and followed them as they started hunting. A herd of blue wildebeest was spotted and the wolves started their attack. The cows formed a wall protecting the calves, but the outcome was still in the balance.

Eventually two zebra heard the commotion and appeared from the bush and started attacking the painted wolves. At sunset the wild dogs gave up but no-one knows what happened after dark.

The following are some everyday photos of everyday sightings - could have been in anyone of the many national reserves or large private properties:

Then he just had to make a scene - but all hot air and no substance - the flapping ears show that it was all showmanship. Of course the ranger moved off - can not have embarrassed tourists who need a change of clothes..

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