Want To Go Bundu-bashing? Keep A Safe Space Behind For A Fast Reverse!

Updated: Mar 3

This lioness had just killed a wildebeest when 15 hyenas attacked her. In a 20 minute fight they forced her off the carcass. So she waited for 15 minutes, building up her anger as only a lioness possesses. It is not shown - but I have experienced that. As the sun set she came in full ferociousness and took the carcass back and kept it.

So the ranger did some bundu bashing to cut a corner. The second Landrover followed at some distance and some tourist's telephoto lens caught the driver's furtive slamming into reverse gear and backing out as quick as he could when the determined obstacle appeared at close range.

A more serene scene of elephant.

...and the sun set on time for a sundowner and curious impala watching the photographer.

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